Edinburgh... In Scotland is the third episode of Series 1. It was broadcasted Thursday 8th March 2012.


Twelve weeks in to her pregnancy and, with no contact from Laura , Jamie is getting frustrated. Beth suggests a night out to take his mind off things... but secretly she's just trying to engineer a date.


Jamie can't stop thinking about Laura. So, ignoring Beth's advice, he follows Laura to university in Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Laura is settling in to university life. She's excited to see best friend Danielle again and keen to put her worries behind her to get on with experiencing university life - and university boys.

Jamie, with Mike's help, tracks Laura down. But confronting her only seems to push Laura further away from facing up to her situation. She refuses to even speak to him. After a freezing, sleepless night in Mike's car, Jamie's had enough and he decides to take drastic action to get Laura's attention.

Meanwhile, having been stood up and humiliated, Beth decides she's has to resolve things with Jamie one way or another, she decides to tell him how she really feels.