Laura Derbyshire is the main female protagionist of the Pramface series.  She was 18 during the start of the series.  She is doing great in her studies and a good daughter, but she decides to rebel and sleeps with Jamie Prince at a party.  This sexual encounter leads to a pregnancy and the birth of Emily Prince.  At the end of series 2, Laura is approximately twenty years old and dating Jamie.

Character SynopsisEdit

Laura Derbyshire has everything going for her. After years of conscientious study she excelled in her exams and in a few weeks she'll be escaping home for university and independence. This is all coming at the right time for Laura, as her relationship with her warring parents is at an all time low. So despite being grounded, when she's invited to the party of the summer Laura sneaks out, determined to cut loose and have some fun. Weeks pass and Laura realises something is amiss, and when a pregnancy test confirms her fears, she desperately tries to piece together the events of that night. She's horrified when she discovers that the fun, cute guy from the party is in fact a 16 year old boy. This year was supposed to be the great springboard to independence, a chance for her to leave her old life behind and start enjoying being young, free and single. But now she has to come to terms with the fact she's not going to be alone again for a very long time.


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