Like Narnia But Sexy is the pilot and first episode of Series 1 of Pramface. It was broadcasted Thursday 23rd February 2012.


After a drunken night in bed, the lives of teenagers Laura and Jamie are about to collide in the most spectacular fashion...


As far as Jamie and his best mate Mike are concerned, their carefree summer is off to a great start. Exams are over and they're on mission to crash the sixth form party and get laid. Across town, 18-year-old Laura, encouraged by her best friend Danielle , breaks her parents' curfew and heads off to the same party, determined to have fun.

Already a little worse for wear, Laura makes a beeline into Jamie's nervous but willing arms. Fast forward a few weeks and Laura realises she's pregnant. Shell shocked she breaks the news to Jamie, only to discover that he's 16.

Life is about to begin, but not in the way either of them expected.