Man Of The Moment is the fourth episode of Series 1. It was broadcasted Thursday March 2012.


Jamie's and Laura's parents meet for lunch to discuss the future of their families. Laura and Jamie are rightly apprehensive about a family summit, but even they couldn't have foreseen how badly it would go.


Almost half way through her pregnancy, Jamie and Laura realise they can't avoid it any longer - their parents are going to have to meet. Laura arranges a dinner party that nobody really wants to attend, especially Keith who is suffering after a big night out.

Meanwhile, Beth , in an effort to get over Jamie, embarks on a double date. But she needs a wingman and unfortunately Mike is the only person available. At the awkward dinner party, Alan and a tipsy Sandra get on surprisingly well, much to Janet's irritation. However negotiations about the baby don't go well. Jamie and Laura fall out and Janet and Alan wind up having a blazing row.

Meanwhile, Mike is surprised when his double date turns out not to be a guy. Back at the dinner, Laura and Jamie are now hurling insults at each other. Janet goes one further, hurling objects at Alan and injuring him.

As the paramedics arrive, Keith struggles to get an inebriated Sandra to leave, Jamie suggests that Laura comes back to their house until things settle down.