Pregnant Rapist is the second episode of Series 1. It was broadcasted Thursday 1st March 2012.


Laura is in shock, having discovered that Jamie is only 16 years old, and refuses to speak to him. Jamie feels that Laura is not taking him seriously and decides the only way to get her attention is to propose.


Laura is refusing to speak to Jamie, but encouraged by her best friend Danielle , she decides to book an appointment to find out what her options are in regards to her pregnancy before she makes any decisions. However this is proving difficult since her parents, as part of their marriage counselling 'homework', surprise her with a pre-university shopping trip in an attempt to bond the family.

Meanwhile Jamie, hurt that Laura's isn't taking him seriously, decides to propose. If he's seen to do 'the right thing', she can't ignore him, right? Mike's all for the plan, but Beth's dead against it.

All Jamie needs to do now is find a suitable engagement ring and the right moment to propose. That moment is more eventful that he'd hoped and Laura's decision becomes harder and harder to make.